What is managing orders by item level?

Lazada Support Center

Item level is a process whereby you need to send out two items, belonging to a single order which will
create different tracking number. You can choose to print separate shipping labels and invoices for
multiple items in a single order.

Here’s how you do it:

If the item were order in 2 quantities where merchant could not pack it in one parcels, we advise
merchant to click “Ready to ship” based on item level where the tracking number will be generated
individually based on item. For Items which are big and could not print based on item level, we advise
to ship out the item with big box is possible.
Note: Only orders with more than 1 item can be clicked “Ready to Ship” on item level.

Step 1: Go to your pending bucket and select an order with more than 1 item.

Step 2: Click the “+” icon and it will appear as per below.

Step 3: Select the individual items by marking the check box, and then click “Ready to Ship” individually based on item.

Step 4: Proceed to print the AWB and invoice as per normal process.

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