What is Drop shipping/ Drop-off?

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What is Drop shipping/ Drop-off?

Drop shipping/ drop-off is for sellers to send their packages to the logistics branch located nearby.

Drop-off provides the seller with two other major benefits:

  • Flexibility: The drop-off service staff are ready to take care of your packages 6 days a week.
  • Convenience: Sellers don’t have to wait for carrier to pick up their products in ship queue, which prevents the hassle and effort to schedule and plan pick up times.

Check-list before you drop-off your packages to the logistic branch:

  1. Print invoice and pack your products properly
  2. Print selected 3PL shipping label
  3. Stick selected 3PL shipping labels on your packed product
  4. Drop the item to the nearest 3PL branch within 12 hours from the date of receiving orders

Notes : Get a drop-off acknowledgement from 3PL for merchant's copy of the shipping label.

Where can I drop-off my packages?

Please drop-off your packages to the correct 3PL branch according to your Seller Center account. Here are the links where you can find the nearest 3PL office location :

 To learn more, please visit Lazada University as we offer free tutorial about shipping.

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