Why is my SKU Deleted/Lock?

Lazada Support Center

Lazada conducts regular onsite audits to make sure the assortment quality onsite always meet the highest standards.
In that context, we had to take down one or several of your SKUs due to the following reasons.

1. SKUs deleted for following reasons can be restored and fixed. Please edit accordingly and wait for QC again. Learn more.

  • Description/Image/Product name does not match.
  • Corrupted Images.
  • Description/Attributes not matching with Image.
  • External links in product description.
  • Image is blurry/grainy Image provided does not focus on the product itself or contains nudity, obscenity Incorrect Information.

2. SKU locked for wrong category level 1 can't be restored. You should recreate the SKU using a new seller SKU code.

  • Please refer to our category tree to learn more.
  • To recreate SKUs faster, please try our mass upload function.
  • Join our Bulk Upload training to learn more about bulk upload. Learn more.

3. Any SKU locked due to prohibited item or intellectual property infringement should not be created again. Learn more.

Logo__1_.PNG Check out our tutorial videos and easy to learn deck by visiting Lazada University for more information.

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