How can I contact Lazada HK? (Crossborder Sellers)

Lazada Support Center

If you are a non Malaysia sellers selling crossborder items (merchants from Hong Kong, Korea, China, etc.) please do not hesitate to contact our Partner Support HK team through these forms: 

  • Seller Sign up Form: 卖家注册表格:
    Issues on becoming a new seller with Lazada. 

  • Sign-up for LGS: 注册LGS(Lazada 全球物流)
    LGS (Lazada Global Shipping) is available for sellers shipping from China, Korea, Hong Kong, and other countries. Click this form to sign-up for LGS.

  • Add a brand: 添加品牌
    If your product brand is not yet registered in Lazada, submit your brand registration through this form.

  • Returns Claim: 退运索赔
    Disputes on return reason or return item condition that was returned to you.

  • Content Grouping Request: 内容团队相关工作职责
    Assistance with grouping, re-categorization, missing image on website, adding a new brand and other content related assistance.

  • Seller Center API Support: 卖家中心API 支持
    If you encounter any issues with your API.
    卖家遇到的任何有关API 问题

  • Enquiry Form: 查询表格
    To reach out Partner Support HK team, please submit your request through this form.

Logo__1_.PNG Check out our tutorial videos and easy to learn deck by visiting Lazada University (HK) for more information.

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