Thermal Printer

Arwind Thirumani (Quality & Training Specialist)

As part of our continuing efforts to improve your experience of selling on Lazada, we are delighted to announce that now Lazada Seller Center can be set up to work with thermal printers. Below you will find a short introduction to thermal printers and how you can immediately benefit from it.


Why use a Thermal Printer?

A thermal printer helps you save costs, improves printing speed and efficiency, improves quality of printing and mobility.



Top Benefits of using a Thermal Printer?



What are the changes with Thermal Printer?

  • The size and type of AWB (Air Way Bill) and Invoice used will be of A6 size label
  • Number of AWB copies will change, where
    • Merchant copy – To be replaced with carrier manifest. Steps to print carrier manifest, please click this link.)
    • Billing and POD copy – Insert in the pouch
    • Receiver copy – Stick on the parcel
  • No change in order processing for pick, pack and click “ready to ship”


AWB A5 vs A6


Page 1,2, 3,& 4 - Gdex AWB (A5)                                                              




Page 1,2 & 3 - Gdex AWB (A6)


  • New AWB can be customize to include info as per merchant needed
  • For now, AWB will be decrease from 4 to 3 pieces for thermal sticker
  • Moving Forward, Lazada will implement single AWB for every order for thermal sticker.



Invoice A5 vs A6

Page 5 -Invoice (A5)                                                                                                    



Page 4 -Invoice (A6)




What is the requirement to use a Thermal Printer?

Thermal Printer Spec requirement:

  • Printer must be Thermal Transfer instead of Direct Thermal
  • Printing quality must be 300dpi and above.
  • Printer must be able to print A6 size.

Label and Ribbon Spec requirement:

  • Merchant must purchase label using Lazada recommended suppliers.
  • Lazada will monitoring the label quality to avoid further rejection from 3PL


Where and how to purchase a thermal printer (if required)?

Lazada Recommended Suppliers:


What are the steps to purchase and setup your thermal printer?




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