Seller-Buyer Direct Communication

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What do we expect from you?


What’s new in product discussion feature?


1.Buyer’s question will be displayed publicly in product page

2.Seller receives email notification and able to reply through email

3.Seller replies questions through the web-form link

4.Buyer receives email notification for your answers


New product discussion feature in product page

* Click “Ask Seller” to start seller-buyer discussion

Seller will receive email notification when buyer posts questions

* Seller can see the questions within the email, also provided link to reply

* Email template received by sellers once customer inquiries in Product Page


Seller can reply questions through web-form

* Type in your answer and click SEND to submit, your answer will be displayed under the buyer’s questions in product page

Buyer will receive email notification once seller replied

* Buyer can see seller’s reply in the email. Also available a link to the enquired product page and a link to ask more questions




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