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Arwind Thirumani (Quality & Training Specialist)

We are sharing this new initiative early to help you to gain the most out of this new feature!


Lazada will soon be launching the enhanced product detail pages (PDPs) and a new seller profile page that will present unique details about your shop on This is part of our continuous effort to empower your business on our platform.


How Will I Benefit?

Lazada’s customers want to know more about sellers like you. With the enhanced PDPs and new seller profile page, customers will have useful information about your shop to help them make an informed purchase decision. Your strong performance will now be visible and it will differentiate you from other sellers on the platform.

What Will Happen?

The PDPs and seller profile page will be launched in phases across Lazada’s shopping site on the mobile website, on the desktop, and on the app, starting from today.

What Do I Need to Do to Gain the Most Benefits?

We encourage you to adopt these best practices to improve your performance on the metrics shown on your seller profile page. The data is updated based on your performance in the last 28 days – start working on it now to present the best track record to your customers!

  • Seller Size
    • Add quality assortment to the platform
    • Provide your best product prices
    • Improve content quality of your SKUs
    • Ensure an adequate stock for your top selling items
    • Participate and submit good deals for campaigns
  • Shipped on Time
    • Always process and fulfill the earliest orders first (first in, first out)
    • Do not wait for orders to accumulate before processing them


  • Order Cancellation (for seller initiated cancellations only)
    • Ensure stocks level listed in the Seller Center is updated and accurate
    • Do not put in stocks that you are not confident to receive on time


Enhanced Product Detail Page



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