Tips for measuring packages (cylinder)

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Please use this guide for measuring cylinder packages and how to key in cylinder product dimension when you do single upload in Seller Center:

According to the diagram given above, there is no "diameter" field in Seller Center, hence in the dimension of the product/package "height" and "width" the measurement should be the same (technically we're talking about radius).

In Seller Center, this measurements will be on Step 4 when you single upload new products:


  1. Package weight (kg): Weight (product + packaging)
  2. Package length (cm): 10.5 + (length of the packaging)
  3. Package width (cm): 4.5 + (width of the packaging)
  4. Package height (cm): 4.5 + (height of the packaging)
  5. Dimensions (Length x Width x Height in cm): 10.5 x 4.5 x 4.5
  6. Product weight (kg): Weight of the product only

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