Arwind Thirumani (Quality & Training Specialist)

Pending Order Limit is a new form of order limitation function. It is triggered when your pending order(s) reach the POL Limit. The POL limit would cause your store to go offline until you have processed all your pending orders to “Ready to Ship” keeping it below the POL Reactivation Limit. Your store will be active as long as your pending order(s) are below the POL Limit.

  • POL Limit is 50
  • POL Reactivation limit is 35
  • Currently there are 50 pending orders on seller center.
  • Your account will be temporary deactivated as your pending orders have reached the POL limit.
  • You will need to process a minimum of 15 pending orders to trigger your POL Reactivation Limit  trigger the POL Reactivation Limit in order to reactivate your account again.
How does Pending Order Limit differ from Daily Order Volume Limitation (OVL)?
Daily Order Limit, limits your ability to receive new orders once you have reached the maximum number of orders set for the day and is reset at 12am daily. On the other hand, Pending Order Limit, limits your orders only if you have orders that are pending processing to 'Ready to Ship' 
regardless of when the order was placed by the customers. Once you have processed your orders below the POL reactivation limit, you will be able to receive new orders again.

How will I benefit?
This feature is expected to give you control over your estimated sales daily while incorporating your order processing pace to help you manage better without disappointing your customers.


What do I need to do when my pending order reach my POL limit? 
Manage your operations to ensure all pending orders are kept below the POL reactivation limit.

Continuously process your orders to ensure smooth order inflow without interruptions due to POL Limit reached.


How is OVL, POL Limit and POL Reactivation Limit determined?
Your OVL, POL Limit and POL Reactivation limit would be calculated based on the following factors:
  1. Size of your business
  2. Order processing Rate (Ability to process orders within 24 Hours to Ready to Ship)
  3. Cancellation Rate
  4. Returns Rate
How frequent will OVL, POL Limit and POL Reactivation Limit be refreshed?
Your OVL, POL Limit and POL Reactivation Limit will be refresh every Wednesday along with your seller performance rating.
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