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Now you can sell multiple of the same products in bulk through quantity bundling, allowing you to save on shipping cost as well as offer your customers more attractive discounts for larger bulk purchases.

Customers on the other hand will be given the convenience of purchasing multiple items in one order at lower prices.

How Quantity Bundle Benefits seller?

  • Bundle multiple items into 1 package to only account for a single package shipping fee making products more affordable for customers
  • Increase profit margins for low priced items through bundling with a single package shipping fee charged
  • Increase in assortment variety and sales volume

Without Bundling:


With Bundling:


How to create Bundle?

Step 1: Go to "Promotions" and click on "Seller promotions"
Step 2:
Select "Add New Promotion"
Step 3:
Select details of your quantity bundle
Step 4:
Once you're done, click "Submit"





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