What is Grouping?

Annie Pastinal

What Is Grouping?

Grouping helps to improve findability of your products easily (eg. customers can find different colors in one same product). Grouping does not work like variation(size) selections. Each of your SKUs created will be created as separate listing. 


Note: All manual grouping request stopped on the 8th of December 2017. We will no longer proceed with manual grouping request due to auto grouping launch. 


Types of Grouping available

Auto Grouping

Auto grouping feature is launch to replace the manual grouping for all sellers. Auto grouping will auto group your SKUs upon creation. Auto grouping works when there's SKU Attributes (Page 4) for your SKU. Such as color family, baby sizes, storage capacity and more.

For more information on auto-grouping, check out the following:
Video | FAQ Article | Online Courses

There are few types of auto grouping works in seller center.

Color Family Grouping

Color grouping displays based on the color of the products.

Capacity Grouping

Storage capacity grouping displays based on the storage capacity of the products. It was usually applicable for electronic products.


Size Baby Clothing Grouping (only for baby clothing/shoes)

Size Baby Clothing grouping displayed base on the sizes of the products. This is only applicable for baby clothing/shoes.

Due to launch of new back end system, our system no longer support any Manual Grouping across all Categories. 

Good News is new auto-grouping features is already under phase development! We appreciate your patient and apologized for the inconvenience caused from our end. 


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