What is Grouping?

Annie Pastinal

What Is Grouping?

Grouping can only be done for colors and designs. Size variations category (Fashion/Sports Apparel) cannot be grouped as it falls under variation. We only can group the SKUs if the SKUs are from the same seller, with the same brand and same category. 

Types of grouping

There are few types of grouping that you can request for group. Below are the examples of the types of grouping you can refer to.

Custom Grouping

Custom grouping displays the product image itself only. It only allows for products which do not have the value of color family and storage capacity. For example, size, number of products (bundle items), capacity of product, patterns etc.


Color Family Grouping

Color grouping displays and group based on the color of the products.


Capacity Grouping

Storage capacity grouping displays and group based on the storage capacity of the products. It was usually applicable for electronic products.


Model Grouping

Model grouping will group based on the value that you provide in the “model” column.


Size Baby Clothing Grouping (only for baby clothing/shoes)

Size Baby Clothing grouping will group base on the sizes of the products. This is only applicable for baby clothing/shoes.


To fill the grouping template, kindly follow the steps below.

Step 1: This is the grouping template. There are 3 columns A, B, and C.

Step 2: Column A (sku):

Please provide the shop sku and avoid provide seller sku. Refer the example of “shop sku” below. You can get the Shop sku from website and seller portal.

On Website

On Seller Portal

Step 3: Column B (config_group):

Use one of your product name as your product group name.

Step 4: Column C (group_attribute_name):

Group attribute name is the group type that you want group your sku. For example, color family group, custom group or storage capacity group. For more info please refer the example of grouping above.


Helpful Tips

Please be informed that You are allowed to submit more than one request per submission. Please avoid provide seller sku as we only can group base on SHOP SKU/LAZADA SKU.

Example as below:

If you have more than 1 grouping, you may submit your request as example below.

First red box show as the first grouping with the product group name as Disney Baby Girl Minnie Premium Romper 3pcs Set Long Sleeves.

Second blue box show as the second grouping with the product group name as Disney Baby Girl Mickey Premium Romper 3pcs Set Long Sleeves.


Note: You can continue submit the grouping in the same file as much as you want! Please avoid submit few grouping in separate file.


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