Why are my SKUs not live and how do I fix them?

Annie Pastinal

Why are my SKUs not live and how do I fix them?

At Lazada, you can truly will receive the benefits of your hard work as a seller once your products are live and viewable. Thus, you need to make sure that your SKUs are meet the guidelines.

However, it’s inevitable that your SKUs will encounter a problem during the product creation process. Fixing your SKUs and resubmitting them for product is the solutions for such moments.

Here’s an explanation of reasons on why your SKU is not live on LAZADA.

1. Product was rejected

Your product has been rejected by the Quality Check Team due to several reasons. Please check your Poor Quality Tab and refer the rejection reasons to fix your SKUs accordingly.


2. Product is prohibited and was taken down

Due to the semi-automation of our QC process, some of your SKUs might temporarily go live on our site. However, content team is now performing Post-Live checks to determine the quality of those temporarily live SKUs. Hence, prohibited SKUs are still taken down regardless if they have been activated on our site.


3. Product is out of stock

It pays to check your LAZADA inventory regularly since out of stock SKUs are deactivated once their quantity back to 0. Go to your Seller Center, Click the Product Tab and continuously click Manage Product, followed by the clicking the Sold-Out Tab to view the specific SKUs to edit back the quantity.


4. Seller account has reached OVL

 Every seller has an ‘Order Verification Limit” (OVL) which means that all the products under seller account will be invisible on the site once it has hit certain number of orders for that particular day.


5. Your product is in the Andon Cord list

Returned products are a sign of bad customer experience. If your product has high return rate, it will have listed under Andon Cord. SKUs under this list will undergo additional in depth check before being reprocessed. You may contact the Seller Experience team for more information regarding Andon Cord.


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