Seller Tools Overview

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 Tool  Functionality of tool Benefits Who needs this tool?  Guidance
Single Product Upload   Allows you to do single uploads via Seller Center 
  • Increase assortment 
  • Increase visibility

 Seller who create an SKU in  the Seller Centre without  doing any file uploads

Mass Product Upload  Allows you to do mass product uploads via Seller Center 
  • Create more than one SKU in bulk/mass
  • Increase assortment 
  • Increase visibility
 Seller who has large  assortment or seller who  wants to upload a huge  number of SKUs at one time
API Product Upload  Allows you to add  products through API  system
  •  Increase assortment 
  • Increase visibility
  • Increase sales volume
 Seller who wants to enables  the programmatic  maintenance of products and  orders
Promotion   Enable you to join Lazada  campaigns   
  •  Increase exposure (traffic)
  • Increase conversion rates 
 Seller who wants to profit  from higher traffic and is  willing to give the best price
 Seller-Buyer Direct Communication   Allow customers/buyers to  start a conversation with  you on product page  regarding the products  that they are interested in  buying 
  •  Build buyers' trust
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Avoid unnecessary returns from buyers
 Sellers who wants to  increase conversation rates  by advising the potential  customer on the products
Quantity Bundling  Allow you to sell multiple  of the same products in  bulk
  • Save on shipping fee
  • Increase sales volume and profit margins
 Sellers who has low-priced  item. For example, less than  RM30
Holiday Mode    A self-service feature for  you to turn off your shop  with just one click when  you are going on a holiday
  • Turn off your SKUs so it won't be visible online
  • Stop orders from flowing in Seller Center
  • Seller ratings won't be affected
  • Prevent bad customer experience
 Seller who is going for a  break or during stock-taking  period 
Lazada Self-Help   Guide you to carry out  functional actions on  Seller Center through  intuitive walk through  steps 
  • Skip the hassle to contact PSC when you can look for guidance in SC itself
 Seller who need guidance on  how to use the tools in  Seller Center
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