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'Free Gift' Bundle

You can now create products using the 'Free Gift' bundle feature which will allow you to list a few items of which customers will be able to choose only 1 items as a free gift when they buy your main product. There are many ways of which you will be able to utilize this particular sales promotion technique to increase sales. After all, who doesn't love a Free Gift?


How Bundle Benefits Sellers?

  • Bundle multiple items into 1 package to only account for a single package shipping fee making products more affordable for customers
  • Increase profit margins for low priced items through bundling with a single package shipping fee charged
  • Increase in assortment variety and sales volume
  • Create a buzz and encourage customers to share the news
  • Giving a free gift with the item increases conversion rates 

*Note: Only one type of bundle feature can be activated at a single time for a particular SKU. You must deactivate one bundle feature for that SKU in order to reactivate another.



1. Will my bundle go live instantly?
Your bundle will go live during the promotion period you have selected. If your bundle does not show up during the period selected, please contact Lazada PSC.

2. What happens when my SKU goes out of stock?
Your bundle will be automatically deactivated.To reactivate, please add stock and go to My Promotions to reactivate the promotion.

3. Help! I accidentally created a bundle.
Visit Promotions > My Promotions and deactivate the bundle

4. Am I required to package all of the items in the bundle together?
Not required. However, we highly suggest that you keep all bundled items in the same package for the best customer experience to reduce returns.

5. What is the return policy?
Customers must return all bundle products in order for the return to be processed. Returns claims will not be accepted for incomplete returns.

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