Fulfilment By Lazada (FBL)

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Fulfilment By Lazada (FBL) is an end-to-end hassle free fulfilment solution provided by Lazada to our local Sellers.

 How FBL Benefits Sellers?

Besides the key benefits, FBL filter is applicable across desktop/mobile/app platforms.
This is key step forward in improving overall customer experience and will be supplemented by actions to create brand recognition and help customers understand the benefits of FBL.
In turn this will give FBL Sellers more favorable sales uplift.

Additionally, Fulfilment by Lazada for Brand allows customers to recognize the product branding and enjoy fast shipping service at the same time.

How Does It Work?

Lazada will be responsible for your order fulfilment. We store, pick, pack and deliver all the orders for you.


Logo__1_.PNG To learn more, please visit Lazada University to watch video tutorials and to download online materials.

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