Automated Grouping

Annie Pastinal

Auto Grouping has no interface, it is fully automatic grouped upon creation. Auto grouping is applicable for new skus upon creation; not for existing sku.

Benefit: Eliminates the need to request manually to group SKUs

Note: Manual grouping no longer available!

Grouping of SKUs of various SKU attributes and are associated by Associated SKU ID.

*Associated SKU – A configuration that groups various SKUs under an SPU to be in one cluster or association, also known as auction ID.

Concept Illustration


Situation Seller A



Situation Seller B

Steps to follow   

1) Using generic SPU properties during creation (Single upload)



2) Choosing variations for the same product in SKU & Image page (Single upload)



 3) Using Associated SKUs to stack/associate SKUs into one group (mass upload)


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