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Sponsored Products allow you to promote your products on product description pages where relevant customers can see your product. It helps you in reaching new customers and maximizing your sales with minimal effort.

How Sponsored Products Benefits Seller?

  • More visibility: Increase your products exposure and views and thus more potential customers to your shop
  • Effective investment: Pay only when customers click on your sponsored products (Pay for performance)
  • High potential customers: Sponsored Products are displayed at product page and will only be displayed when it is relevant to customers
  • Data to help future decisions: Dashboard is available for you to monitor product performance e.g. total clicks and sales of a campaign etc.


1. Where can I find the Sponsored Products Ads? ​
You can find Sponsored Products on the product detail page on the right hand-side box. Currently only available on Desktop and mobile site.

2.Why am I not seeing my Sponsored Products? / Can I specify where it will be appeared?
The location of the ad is automatically based on relevancy to customers to increase likelihood in converting to purchase.

3. What does CPC mean?
CPC stands for Cost-Per-Click, each time a customer clicks your sponsored product ad this is the amount. (This a fixed amount set by Lazada for each category)

4. What is the CPC for my product categories?
CPC is set by Lazada – This varies per product category.
CPC is calculated on monthly basis by Lazada and can be adjusted accordingly.

5. What happens to Sponsored SKUs when they are multi-sourced?
The products displayed in Sponsored Products placement are single SKUs thus on the product detail page you won’t be able to see the multi-source details.

6. What is daily budget? How does it work?
Daily budget defines maximum daily amount you are willing to spend. You must set a daily budget for each campaign for your ads to be displayed. If the spend for the day is reached the campaigns will automatically stop.

7. How do I pay for Sponsored Products?
Sponsored product payment is directly deducted from your Lazada payout following the same cycle.

8. How does Sponsored Products handle fraud & fake clicks?
Lazada has enforce an anti-fraud algorithm to track malicious behavior.

9. What is the difference between direct & assisted performance?
Direct is sales that generate when customers click on your sponsored product ad and purchase that particular product; Assisted is sales that is generated when a customer click on your sponsored product ad but end up buying another SKU of yours.

10. What is Date Picker?
The Date Picker on the main dashboard helps to understand performance between the selected dates.

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