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What is the Premium Seller Program?

The Premium Seller Program is a Seller growth program that enhances our service offerings to Sellers and provide greater clarity on the path to build a successful business on Lazada. The program helps Sellers to grow by:

• Providing visibility on key metrics to focus on
• Offering attractive incentives to top performers
• Increasing engagement with Lazada

Sellers are assigned into 5 different tiers (BLUE, BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, DIAMOND) based on their performance and in return Lazada will reward Sellers based on their tiers.

Seller tiers:

How Will I Benefit From This?

Sellers’ hard work will be rewarded with more on-site visibility and tools to help you grow your business. As a Premium Seller, you will enjoy the benefits listed below, with more exciting coming your way in the future!

What Are The Premium Seller Program Benefits?

*Note: Currently Access to Seller Voucher Page (Benefit 3 as above) is only available for selected sellers

Example of benefits below. Access to Unbeatable Deals and additional visibility on the Voucher Page!


During the program testing phase, the benefits offered to Top Performing Sellers helped them grow faster than the category average.

*Note: Lazada does not guarantee any performance improvement as this may vary based on Seller.

How To Be A Premium Seller?

Sellers will be assigned to different Tiers (BLUEBRONZESILVERGOLDDIAMOND) based on their performance as per table below. Sellers are expected to meet the minimum performance levels on all metrics to be eligible for a tier

What Are The Premium Seller Program Criteria?



What Is The Next Step?

We will send you the Weekly KPI report via email every week. You can also check your performance via the BI portal tool in Seller Center (for limited sellers only until full roll out of the BI tool).

The next tier revision will be on the first week of November before our largest online sales campaign (11.11). We wish to see you further improve your performance to continue enjoying these benefits.

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