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Q:  How do we join Premium Sellers Program?
A:  All Lazada Sellers except brands will automatically registered to the Premium Sellers Programs. You’ll be invited into the Tiers solely based on your performance based on the set metrics.

Q:  Do we have to pay to join Premium Sellers Program?
A: No payment is required to be Premium Sellers. Sellers also can’t pay to move to the next Tier.

Q:  How to check our grade? Where can we see our seller tier?
A: You can check your seller Tier via the performance email sent to you weekly. In future, you can view your seller tier via the seller BI portal tool at your seller center.

Q: What are the difference between this program & key account? I see there are some similarity. Will we be assigned a key account?
A: This program includes some of the benefit previously provided to seller with key accounts and many other benefits which some might be exclusive to Premium Sellers. However, this program is independent to the selection of key accounts. Which means being in this program does not guarantee key accounts being assigned, vice versa.

Q: Do we need to achieve all the requirements to become a Premium Seller? What if one or more of the metrics are not met?
A: Sellers are expected to meet the minimum performance levels on all metrics to be eligible for a tier.

Q: The Tier selection is based on sales value or volume?
A: Currently the Tier Selection is based on sales value.

Q: How much sales needed per month to remain as Premium Seller for blue ,bronze, silver, gold & diamond? Any chart to refer?
A: Sales needed month is dependent on your main category on Lazada. It varies between category with mobile & multi-category sellers being the highest.
Note: A Seller who has less than 50% of sales in a single category will be classified as Multi-category Seller.

Q: For the pricing parity, is it comparing with the price without shipping or after adding shipping in other platform? 100% parity means all of the SKU need to be the same or less right?
A: Yes, pricing parity means you will need to sell the same SKU at equal or lower price than the price you are selling at other platforms after including shipping fees.

Q: Will cross-border products included in the calculation of competitiveness?
A: No, local product will only match with local product when calculating competitiveness.

Q: How often and when will my tier be revised?
A: Once Seller Tier is assigned, it will remain until the next tier revision. The next tier revision will be on the first week of November and will subsequently be revised every two months. Seller Tier may move up or down depending on seller performance during the two months.

Q: How can I move to the next tier?
A: Seller should aim to improve their performance as per the criteria table.

Sales/Sales Grow

Increase assortment, improve price, provide fast delivery, and improve content.

Seller Rating (Ops

Improve sellers operation & engage in FBL

Price Parity                   

Utilize the tools to keep track of price parity


Utilize the price challenge tool to win subsidy from Lazada.


Utilize the tools to keep track of stocks

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