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Store Design is a tool which help Sellers to customize and design the layout of their shop page from Seller Center.

The shop page will then display selected best-selling products to catch the customers’ eye by using attractive designs on Lazada’s website.


How Store Design Benefits Seller?

  • Shop decoration enhances your brand awareness by making your page more attractive.
  • Differentiates your shop from your competitors
  • Provides your customers with a better online shopping experience
  • Boosts sales


Comparison Of Store Design With Template Access And Full Access 


The functionality of Store Design is based on your Premium Seller tier.
To know more about Premium Seller Program, please refer to this link 


How Do I Create Store Design?

Step 1: Click "Promotions" from the main tab.

Step 2: Click "Store Design” from the drop-down list.

Step 3: Select the available language

Step 4: When you enter the tool for the first time, the tutorial page will pop up. You can click the “Help” button whenever you need the tutorial.


1. What’s the basic unit of the banners?
The measurement is in pixels (px) with width x height

2. How long does it takes to reflect on Lazada live page?
It usually takes 10 minutes syncing time.
**Advisable to upload 3-5 days in advance nearing a big campaign such as Online Revolution or Birthday Campaign.

3. Is there any charges on store design tool?
No, there’s no extra charges.


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