How to create my own brand?

Partiban Periannan (Head of PSC)

Do you want to create your own brand? We successfully introduced “Auto Brand Creation” as a new feature in Seller Center.

Automated Brand Creation is set up to replace the current brand creation process for a faster and user-friendly process and experience.

Automated Brand Creation Process


How to create



Step 1:Click on Products or alternatively you can click on Manage Products, select the existing sku and continue click on Edit details.


Step 2: Search for Brand column  and click on the blue link to create brand. Please read the guide carefully.


Step 3: Key in the brand name under Brand name field. Please take note the creation will be unsuccessful if the brand is already exist. 


Step 4: A pop up message will appear if your brand successfully create. Please take note every brand creation will take 5-7 hours to sync to Seller Center search column.


We hope this Auto Brand Creation process will support your daily operations in better way.



Do not create duplicate brand!!

Check brand spelling including Capital Letter and Small Capital Letter before brand creation!!


Error as below:

It will cause brand in approved for your skus due to duplicate brands in Seller Center.

To fix it, you need to choose the correct brand from the brand drop down.


Should you have any issues, you may submit your concern through here.

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