How to maintain my seller profile and provide correct GST info?

Partiban Periannan (Head of PSC)

As required by the Goods and Services Tax “GST” Law, under Section 36 of GST Act 2014, every taxable person is required to make sure that all records are true and kept up to date of all transactions which affect or may affect his liability to tax.

This is highlighted in Lazada Marketplace Agreement.

As you all aware, the records maintained in the Lazada Seller Center are very important to support your transactions made via Lazada. One of the simple yet very crucial info is your profile in Seller Center. Some of the details in your profile are linked to the legal documents such as Tax Invoice issued by Lazada to you “Lazada Tax Invoice” and Tax Invoice or Invoice template that we provide to facilitate your sales to customers.


  1. Shop Name vs Legal Name

Shop name will appear on the Lazada Online Platform, while Legal name (as per your SSM Registration) is the one that will appear on the Lazada Tax Invoice and Tax Invoice / Invoice template to the customer.

  1. GST Registration Status

Your GST registration status is very important because it is to determine your tax related transactions. If you are GST registered, please tick the “Yes” box, and fill up your GST registration number accordingly as illustrated in Exhibit below. If you are non-GST registered, please tick “No” box and leave the Seller VAT “GST registration number” section empty.

Please DO NOT put anything in this Seller VAT box if you are not GST registered as it may affect your Invoice template. The system will only be able to link you to the correct Tax Invoice/ Invoice template if you maintain the data accurately.

  1. Check your tax Invoice/ Invoice

We have 2 types of invoice templates available to facilitate Sellers:

  • Tax Invoice: for GST Registered Seller
  • Invoice: for Non-GST Registered Seller

To ensure you are tax compliance, we advise you to check your Tax invoice / Invoice accuracy regularly.  If your sales are linked to the wrong template or any other errors incurred, please check your data in Seller Center profile to ensure all the relevant info have been updated accordingly.


Please contact us if you have any questions.


See below to understand how to fill up GST info in seller center's profile:


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