How To Create A Voucher

Partiban Periannan (Head of PSC)

Seller voucher is a tool that allows sellers to create self-funded vouchers to drive sales to their own store.

How Seller Voucher Benefit Sellers?

  • Seller Voucher can increase your sales by providing a better shopping experience to your customers.
  • It helps to differentiate your deals from other Sellers.
  • In campaign months, Sellers can see up to RM10 revenue generated for every RM1 spent on voucher.

 How Do I Create Seller Voucher?

Step 1: Click "Promotions" from the main tab.

Step 2: Click "Seller Voucher” from the drop-down list.

Step 3: Click on "Add New Voucher" to start creating voucher.


How to create a voucher - Desktop

Creating a Percentage value voucher

How to create a voucher- APP



  1. Once all issued vouchers have been used, will my voucher automatically be deactivated?
    Yes, all vouchers will be deactivated once it reaches the end of the date range set or when the number of redemptions reache the set limit. Upon deactivation, the code will no longer be shown to customers.

  2. Is a voucher validity determined by transaction date or when products are added to cart?
    Voucher validity is based on the transaction date. This means that customers must complete the transaction using the voucher code before the voucher validity period ends.

  3. Can customers apply vouchers on a bundled product or discounted product?
    Yes, similar to current Lazada issued vouchers, customers will be allowed to apply vouchers onto a bundled or discounted product.

  4. After I create a voucher, how long will it take for the voucher to go live on the product display page (PDP)?
    As soon as a voucher is created, it will be immediately redeemable upon on checkout by customers. However, the display of the voucher code on your PDP might take up to 30mins. If you do not see your voucher codes appearing on your products after 30mins, please contact Partner Support.

  5. Can customers apply more than one seller voucher (from different sellers) in one basket? 
    No, customers can only apply one voucher code per order.

  6. Can customers check out with Lazada voucher and seller voucher in one basket?
    No, customers can only apply one voucher code per order.

  7. Which department should I raise voucher-related disputes/bugs/questions to? PSC or Customer Service?
    Please direct all voucher related question to the relevant teams.
    If it is related to a customer query on voucher usage, please contact Customer Service. If you are having an issue with your voucher creation, usage and editing please contact Partner Support.
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