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The Holiday Mode feature enables Sellers to put their shop offline, with a click of a button. This will stop orders from flowing in but still allow Sellers to login and access Seller Center. The feature can be enabled during holidays, stock taking period etc.

How Holiday Mode Benefits Seller?

As a Seller, you have full control on when you want to stop receiving new orders when you go on a holiday. This can prevent orders backlog pile up that could potentially lead to bad customer experience.

How To Activate The Holiday Mode

Step1: Go to your Seller Center “Profile” page and you will notice two new fields available.

Step 2: Select "on” under “Holiday Mode” and pick a start date and end date for the period that you are not available for order fulfillment. Your items will go offline at 12:00 a.m. of start date and reactivate back again at 23:59 hours on the end date.



1. When does the holiday mode start?
After you turn on the holiday mode and select the start and end date, the holiday mode will put your shop offline at 00:00 hours, on the start date selected. We strongly encourage our Sellers to fulfill all pending orders before going on holiday. There will not be any extension of your fulfillment timeline if you have pending orders left in your order management by activating this Seller Holiday Mode.

2. Can the start date be a date in the past?
No, the start date cannot be a date in the past.

3. Will I be able to login and access Seller Center after I activate Holiday Mode?
Yes, you will still be able to login and access your Seller Center after you have activated Holiday Mode.

4. What happens on the end date set in the Holiday Mode?
On the end date set, your shop will automatically be activated to go online at 23:59 hours.

5. Can I deactivate the Holiday Mode?
Yes, you can deactivate the Holiday Mode by going to “Profile” in Seller Center and selecting “Off” in Holiday Mode field.


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