What are the best practices for product image?

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Product image best practices as below:

  1. Image Ratio : 1:1 min: (500x500 pixels) / max (2000x2000 pixels)
  2. Image MUST have a WHITE background except for Curtains, Bed Linen, Wallpaper and all Fashion category including Watch, Jewellery and Shoes
  3. Product MUST take up to AT LEAST 80% longest axis of the picture
  4. Fill the frame with the item
    • Product is clear, sharp, not blurry and not pixelated/ 
    • Product's edge/ outline is sharp and smoothly retouched
  5. Product should not be cropped
  6. No reflection of people or other objects
  7. Product is unwrapped (except Health & Beauty category).
  8. Image has no watermark, text, logo (except it is printed on product packaging)

*Note:  Images that are copied from the Lazada website or any seller pages will be saved at a lower resolution and may not match the minimum requirement by Lazada. These images will have a higher chance of being rejected by our Quality Control team.

These guidelines should be followed to avoid your product getting rejected for quality check.


 To learn more, register for our online training Content and Image Guidelines and visit Lazada University to watch the tutorial videos.

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