How do I add a new product/SKU?

Lazada Support Center

You can add new product/SKU in Seller Center either one-by-one or using bulk upload using Seller Center.

Below are the steps :

Single Upload.

Step 1 : Click on "Products".
Step 2 : Click on "Add a Product".

Step 4 : Select the categories of your product and click “Select”.

Step 4 : Fill in all required fields in all four tabs: Main, Other Details, Product Pricing and Images.
Step 5 : Click “Submit All and Finish” when completed.

Mass Upload.

Step 1 : Click on "Add Products" under "Products" tab

Step 2 : Click on "Import Products"

Step 3 : In the “Download Templates” section, download the template of your product category.

Step 4 : In the template, select your product category level 2 and click “Start”.
Step 5 : Fill out the Excel template and save once completed.

Step 6 : Upload the file in the “Import Product” section.

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