What is shipping fee?

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What is shipping fee?

Shipping fee is the fee of transporting packages from one location to another.

It is charged based on the following factors:

  1. Origin and destination of package
  2. Package weight (for items shipped from West Malaysia to West Malaysia).
  3. Package Dimensions: Length, Width, Height (for Items Shipped To/From/Within East Malaysia).

How do we calculate shipping fee?

Shipping fee is calculated based on courier charges. Charges will tally with the SKU weight that was updated in Seller Center. 

How is it charged from the customer(s)?

Shipping fee credit will be reflected upon orders delivered, however at the end of the month merchants will be charged the shipping fee as a lump sum. Merchants then will have to reconcile the orders from there.

What is shipping fee credit?

Shipping fee credit is the amount we transfer to sellers based on the extra fee that customers pays for shipping.

  • Shipping fee credit is payable item level.
  • Shipping fee is chargeable on package level.

Who pays for return shipping costs?

If there's a problem with an item, the seller is responsible for paying return shipping costs.
If a buyer changes their mind about a purchase and wants to return it, they may be required to pay the shipping costs, depending on the seller's return policy.
For sellers, find out Lazada's return policy requirements, and how to best handle returns.

In the event that you have any dispute with regards to Shipping Fee, please fill out the Shipping Fee Form. Lazada will investigate your claim, which takes an average of two weeks.


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