What is the benefit of Uncompetitively Priced feature?

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Seller Lowest Price in Seller Center allows you to view and compare prices from other sellers. This provides you access to competitors pricing information and you may adjust your prices according to your discretion. When your prices are higher than those of merchants, you can decide to adjust them in one click in order to always stay competitive or to reject the suggestion.

Below are the steps to find the Seller Lowest Price:

Step 1 : Click on "Manage Products".

Step 2 : Click on "Uncompetitive".

Step 3 : Hover your cursor over this icon for pop-up box to appear.

Lowest Price: You may also access the actual competitive website by clicking the link provided.

Action: You can decide to reject the price on the action column if suggested price don’t match your desired one. You may choose rejection reasons indicated once you click the “Reject Price” action.

   Reject Reasons:

  • Different Product / Different variation of same product.
  • Different Bundle - 4 pack item matched with 6 pack of same item.
  • Inactive link - Competitor link not working.
  • Competitor out of stock -stock not available on competitor now.
  • Incorrect price - The price used for comparison is not correct.
  • Cannot match; margins too low if I match competitor price.
  • Other - if the reason for rejection is not in the list above.

The price indicated by Lazada is lower than my current product price, what should I do?

In that case, your price is not competitive and thus customer will buy item from another seller on another platform.

How do you take into account shipping fees to compare prices?

Shipping fee is included in the competitor’s price if it is included on the product page on competitor website, as only this price is used for comparison. We understand that the complexity of the e-commerce market often results in less transparent prices, for example due to varying geographical locations of sellers and buyers. Despite of this, we believe this approach, of matching displayed price by competitor, allows you to ensure the best competitive price level for your product.

How does Lazada get its pricing data and how often is it updated?

Lazada acquires competitor data from both online and offline competitors through various sources:

Online Competitors:

  • Web Information extraction tools built in-house at Lazada
  • 3rd party vendor solutions for web extraction
  • Manually monitoring competitor websites

Offline Competitors:

  • Store Visits/ Phone calls
  • Newsletters/Pamphlet collection
  • 3rd party vendor for category specific stores

Online data is refreshed every day whereas offline data is refreshed every month.

To learn more, please visit Lazada University to watch the tutorial video.

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