What do I do when an item is returned?

Partiban Periannan (Head of PSC)

Upon cutomer's decision to return a product, you will receive a return form with the item indicating the return reason. Based on Lazada seller agreement, all return items must be accepted. However, if an item is returned in a damage or an unacceptable condition, you can claim to request for compensation.

How do I dispute on my returns items?

To file a claim, you will need to fill in a return claim form which we will process accordingly.

Click here for Return Dispute Form

What information is required?

There are 9 fields that need to be filled in.

  1. Seller Center name - Name registered in Seller Center. This is not to be confused with your legal entity name.
  2. Seller Center ID - ID registered in Seller Center - e.g. MY***LC
  3. Email address and contact number
  4. Phone number - your contact number for our agent to contact you in future
  5. Order number - Order number of the returned item that you wish to claim for dispute. Please make sure that this detail is accurate. If you do not know the order number please contact our Partner Support Center. One claim is required for each order.
  6. Lazada SKU - SKU of the returned item. This is not to be confuse with your seller SKU.
  7. Claim reason - Please choose the most appropriate reason for your claim.
  8. Additional comments - Any additional comments you wish us to know when we look into your case. It is advisable to give a detailed comment for our agent to understand the case better.
  9. Upload a file - Upload any pictures or files to support your claim. It is advisable that the more proof provided, the easier it will be for an agent to investigate on the issue

 To learn more, please visit your knowledge hub Lazada University.

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