What is Order Volume Limitation (OVL)?

Lazada Support Center

OVL application is intended to maintain customer satisfaction. It is a key factor for us as a business partner. OVL is our mechanism in an attempt to evaluate the capacity, quality and speed of processing your order.

This evaluation is based on the volume of the previous week and 4 performance criteria, namely:

  • Pending to Ready To Ship within 24 Hours (Target:> 95%)
  • Pending to Shipped within 48 Hours (Target:> 90%)
  • Cancellation of orders caused by the Seller (Target: <1%)
  • Refund Order is also caused by the Seller (Target: <1%)

OVL Calculation: Sellers will be given an OVL multiplier based on the seller rating that they have obtained

Your final OVL entirely in your hands. If you are performing well in achieving the target on four criteria above, we will give extra volume is proportionally added to your current volume.

However, if you perform below the target, then we will assume that a given volume limit is still too high for you to perform according to standards and we will reduce your OVL. So you can spruce up your work process to be able to perform better in the future. If you can perform well in the next week, OVL you can go back up. On average, 80% Seller in Lazada can perform above the target.

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