Customer Return Policy for the Seller

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Customer Return Policy for the Seller.

Standard process flow for return items from customer :

The conditions for a valid return from the customer are :

  1. Damaged – the product packaging and/or product itself is damaged during delivery.
  2. Defective – the product does not function as promised and stated.
  3. Wrong item – wrong product is being delivered to the customer.
  4. Missing parts – the product is not complete or what is delivered does not match the “what’s in the box” description.
  5. Not as advertised – the product delivered does not resemble what is advertised on the website.
  6. Does not fit – mainly applicable for fashion items, the wrong size has been purchased and does not fit the customer.
  7. Change of mind – customer has changed his/her mind after purchasing, the product needs to be unused and packed together with original packaging.

 What kind of documentation will I receive when I get a return product?

You will receive a technical report as per below together with your return item. It will state customer return information.

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