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What is tax invoice for?

  • Lazada is a GST registered company. GST is included for related business nature charged to seller (i.e, commission, payment fees, shipping fees and others).
  • According to GST rules, Lazada has to produce GST tax invoice on the charges to seller regardless of whether the seller is a GST or non GST registered.
  • Tax invoice is input tax (expenses/purchases) for GST monthly submission to claim against the output tax (sales/revenue).
  • If your company is not GST registered, kindly treat Lazada Tax Invoice as your recording purposes.

This will be the example on how your tax invoice looks

  • Lazada will send invoice to sellers every month.
  • The tax invoice will be distributed to sellers on 20th of the following month.

What if GST amount in Seller Center does not tally with GST amount in the tax invoice?

Please be aware that Seller Center system will not display GST amount on manual adjustment (i.e, shipping fees).
Manual adjustment done for particular month is showings the net amount (e.g. Item price minus commission and payment fee) under seller credit or other fee.
Breakdown for manual adjustment (subject to GST) needs to be requested.

Tax invoice in Gdoc folder

Tax invoice for Apr-Jul 2015 is available in the Gdoc folder which access has been given to the email registered in Seller Center.
Please refer to your email titled: (Merchant name) Tax invoice for (Month) 2016
Sender: Lazada Partner Support Center

Tax invoice for Aug 2015 onwards was and will be sent via email tentatively on the 20th of every month.

Password for tax invoice

What should I do if I do not receive my monthly tax invoice?

Please check your inbox of the email address registered in Seller Center. It is preferable to have another email address for the tax invoice if you are still having a problem in receiving monthly tax invoice.

Check out our tutorial videos and easy to learn deck by visiting Lazada University for more information.

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