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What is tax invoice for?

  • Lazada is a GST registered company. GST is charged to taxable supplies (i.e, commission, payment fees, shipping fees and others).
  • In compliance with GST regulations, Lazada will issue Tax Invoice on the supplies made to all sellers.
  • If you are GST registered person, you may use the Tax Invoice to support your input tax claim and accounting record purpose.
  • If your are not GST registered person, the Tax invoice is for your accounting record purpose.

This will be the example on how your tax invoice looks

  • Lazada will send invoice to sellers every month.
  • The tax invoice will be distributed to sellers on 20th of the following month.

What if GST amount in Seller Center does not tally with GST amount in the tax invoice?

You can download the transaction report in Seller Center. It is advisable to download the transaction base on the period of the Tax Invoice for easy matching. Please note that only taxable charges will appear in the Tax Invoice.


Password for tax invoice

What should I do if I do not receive my monthly tax invoice?

Please check your inbox of the email address registered in Seller Center. It is preferable to have another email address for the tax invoice if you are still having a problem in receiving the tax invoice.


Record Keeping

Section 36 of the GST Act 2014 requires every taxable person and certain non-taxable person to keep full and true records of all transactions which affect or may affect his liability to tax, and should be preserved for a period of 7 years from the latest date to which the records relate. Therefore, we advise you to keep all the records (i.e. transactions report, Tax Invoice) as required by GST regulations diligently. If you don’t receive the Tax Invoice, please highlight to us within one month of the scheduled Tax Invoice issuance date (i.e. 20th). You may request a copy of Tax Invoice up to 12 months from the Tax Invoice date if necessary.


Check out our tutorial videos and easy to learn deck by visiting Lazada University for more information.

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