What is Lazada Open Platform?

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What is API?

Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software and applications. 


Why do I need to connect to Lazada API?

•When you have a Professional seller account (i.e., Seller Center) you can use API to sell products and manage your online business on Lazada.

•Lazada Open Platform enables the programmatic maintenance of products and orders.

•You might use the API to import products, or to migrate orders into your accounting system.


What is Lazada Open Platform?

A one-stop platform that empowers Lazada sellers to develop applications to manage their stores on Lazada more efficiently.


Why is Lazada introducing open platform

•Enables Lazada partners (ISVs) to develop and manage several types of applications for Lazada sellers, such as ERP system, omni-channel system, marketing APPs, accounting software, cataloguing tools, image enhancement tools, order management system, and warehouse management system.

•Solid security framework like user authorization and hosting environment is deployed to protect business data.


What are my benefits to move to Lazada Open Platform?

•Rich API endpoints for all the areas of e-commerce, including product, order, user, marketing, and payment management. Besides, more APIs will be open to meet the business requirements.

•Higher concurrency and success rate of API calls, ensuring your application performance.

•The dashboard provides view of successful and failed API calls initiated by your applications, helping your monitor the performance of your applications.

•A migration guide is provided to ensure the smooth migration of your applications


I want more information. How can I get it?

Please direct any further questions to the Partner Support Center.


For access to detailed documentation, please click here
Alternatively you can download the training deck here
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