Why is my product rejected?

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Below contains the definition and details of your product rejection for Image, Content & Policy.
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Rejection type: Policy

  1. This item falls under the list of prohibited items and is not allowed to be sold on Lazada
  2. This product has been suspected for violating our brand-related policies
  3. This product is not allowed to be sold on Lazada due to exclusivity agreements
  4. Please provide MAL code
  5. Mandatory attributes are missing

Rejection type: Content

  1. The category of your chosen product is incorrect
  2. Please specify the product color of this listing.
  3. Product is missing highlights
  4. Missing or inaccurate package dimension & weight.
  5. Please add contents of the package (E.g. accessories such as chargers, user manual, etc.) in the "What's in the box" field
  6. Please specify the number of items the customer will receive
  7. Including links in product description is not allowed
  8. Please include warranty information
  9. Updates and amendments of warranty is not allowed as it may create conflict with past sales
  10. Updates and amendments of product specifications is not allowed as it may create conflict with past sales
  11. Size variations should be created for this product. Please add sizes in the "Product Pricing" tab
  12. Size variations should not be created for this product.
  13. Product price seems inaccurate
  14. This product has a Sale Price that represents more than 80% discount when compared to the Price

Rejection type: Image

  1. Image is blurry
  2. Image is grainy
  3. The product outline in the image has ridged edge (e.g., not smooth, saw tooth) with pixelated effect
  4. Image shows product wrapped in packaging
  5. The images does not match the product name, product description and/or attributes given.
  6. Offensive images including nudity or obscenity are not allowed.
  7. Image provided is stretched and inproportionate
  8. Front view of main product is not clearly shown in the image i.e. blocked, covered
  9. Image appears to be missing or corrupted
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