What should I do if I input a wrong tracking number on Seller Center?

Lazada Support Center

We use an automated system for printing tracking number, but there are certain system errors that lead to the wrong tracking number being updated.

If you wish to amend it please follow these simple steps,
Click this form and fill it up with the correct details we need.
1. Invalid tracking number form
2. Fill in your contact details as well as you Seller center name
3. Provide the correct tracking number
4. Choose the old Shipping provider
5. Choose the new Shipping provider
6. Key in the old tracking number which will no longer be used
7. Key in the new tracking number that you will be shipping the parcel under

Once the form has been submitted we will update it accordingly within 48hours in our system. Since it is an automated process there will be no reply, however if you wish to clarify and get more information please do contact our partner support and they will be more than happy to assist you.

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