What are refurbished products?

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Refurbished products are products returned from end-customers or retailers (e.g. demo units, customers changing their mind after opening the box or defective products) that have been professionally restored to the working condition of a new item.

All items are shipped back to a central processing point for technical inspection and sorting. Eligible products are repaired and updated with new parts where needed. All refurbished products are tested to ensure they work like new. Items are then cleaned, repackaged and shipped back to retailers. Items may not always be in their original packaging.

Note: Refurbished items are only applicable for Mobiles & Tablets category.

Why customer buy refurbished items?

Refurbished items are offered at a discount vs. brand new products and savings can be great for customers.

Lazada grading of refurbished items for quality assurance:

At Lazada, we split refurbished items in 4 categories: Grades A, B, C and D. All grades function as new and differences are based on the physical appearance of the item as well as the warranty type and its duration.

 To learn more, please visit Lazada University to watch videos and to download online materials.

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