Why is my Seller Center account not “Live”?

Partiban Periannan (Head of PSC)

Here's a checklist for you if your seller center account is not live:

  1. You have uploaded minimum 1 product in your seller center
  2. Product uploaded passed QC and is live in seller center
  3. You have uploaded 1 mandatory document for pre-live document verification
  4. Your courier account creation is successfully done


1. Uploaded product will undergo a quality check (QC) process to inspect the quality of your product images, description etc. (this process will take about 2-3 working days)

2. Your product passed QC/live in seller center when there is a green tick

3. Upload business registration certificate (SSM) for business seller and business owner identification (NRIC) for individual seller

4. All new sellers will be given a Skynet DS account when you come onboard, you can request to change to other couriers after you are live (start selling)

5. You will receive email notification once your Lazada store is live on Lazada website


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