Why does my item marked as fail delivery?

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What is Fail Delivery ? 

Fail delivery is a status where it will be mark in Lazada system (Seller Center) if shipment / parcel that is unable to be deliver to customer due to certain factors / reasons.

Why Fail Delivery occur?
a) Courier (3PL) issues
b) Unreachable customer - E.g: incomplete address, unreachable contact number
c) Item damaged by courier
d) Item lost by courier
e) System issue
f) Delivery time take too long – E.g: Tracking number is unable to trace after 14 days

How can I check if my product status is marked as Failed Delivery from Seller Center?

Step 1:
 Go to Seller Center -> Manage Orders -> Click on ALL -> Place the order number

What happens if the Seller’s order has been sent out but being marked as Fail Delivery?
Our respective couriers (3PL) will deliver your goods back to your end.

What if Seller did not receive their goods under failed delivery?
Sellers can fill in Lazada Formstack or Return Claim Form

Who should merchant liaise with in regards to delivery failures?
Merchant can refer with our Partner Support Center for assistance.

Does Seller will be charge with penalty charges?
Sellers’ will not be charge with any penalty charges. If it does, Seller can raise their concern to us for reimbursement.

What will happen to status in Seller Center?
Status of the order will change from ready to ship / shipped to Fail Delivery by our respective department.

How to avoid your orders being mark to Fail Delivery?

  • Seller has to click ready to ship within 24 hours and process within 48 hours
  • Seller has to hand over/drop off the parcels to assigned courier (3PL) in timely manner
  • Seller need to have up to date record– (merchant copy, manifest list, hand over list)  need to be acknowledge by courier representative (stamp or 3pl representative name) with date. This will help Seller for reimbursement if order unnecessarily mark as Fail Delivery.


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