What is order status?

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Order status is a process whereby customer will place an order and Seller will need to update the status to Ready To Ship (RTS) or Shipped (order has already been process) in Seller Center.

General order statuses:

  1. Handle by Marketplace and Packed by Marketplace– New Orders in system / Pending orders which need to click to Ready to Ship within 24 hours
  2. Ready to Ship- Parcels are being prepared for shipment. Your parcel should be ship within the next business day and ready for pickup at your preferred store/warehouse
  3. Shipped– The parcel is successfully shipped. Tracking number should be able to trace
  4. Delivered– The parcel has successfully delivered to customer
  5. Cancelled– Customer request for cancellation, item is out of stock or sourcing delay (seller fails to ship out parcels within timely manner)
  6. Returned– Seller will be notified with tracking number If an item is being returned to your end

Which department/ party in charge in order status change?

  1. Ready to Ship- Seller is responsible to change the status from pending orders to ready to ship. If Seller fails to update the status, possibility of cancellation by Lazada will be done
  2. Ready to Ship to Shipped- Lazada Marketplace team
  3. Shipped to Delivered– Lazada will update the status once order is confirmed delivered to customer. The status will reflect in Seller Center

Why it has a buffer time for status from Ready to Ship or Shipped to be mark as delivered?
Lazada will need to take time to process all delivered items and manually update in the system. One of the factors of the delay is due to syncing issue.

Do Seller need to take any further action once item has been send out?
No further action needed except for to keep your records safe for future reference.

How can I track the tracking number in courier tracker system? (click on any of the link below):

When will Seller receive payment?
Payment will be made to seller’s account once the parcel is delivered successfully

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