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Starting 1st August 2016, Lazada has changed your payment cycle to a twice monthly payment cycle, as opposed to the current bi-weekly payment cycle which you are paid every two weeks.

Main takeaways:

  • Your payment will now follow the standard calendar days and will not overlap between 2 different months
  • First payment cycle is from the 1st-14th of the month
  • Second payment cycle is from 15th-30th/31st of the month (Depending on which date the month ends)
  • Payments will be received after 5-8 working days from the end of each payment cycle
  • Monthly Tax Invoice will be sent on the 20th of the following month
  • Returns will be reimbursed in the next payment cycle based on returns approval date
  • Shipping fees will be charged twice monthly based on every order fulfilled

Illustration of New Payment Cycle:


* Note: Potential extension of payment received up to 8 days depending on your banking provider.

How will you benefit from this?

  • Your Financial Reconciliation will be much easier
  • Your Account Statements from Seller Center will match the amount paid out

Example of twice monthly statement in Seller Center:

  • 1st - 14th of the month
  • 15th to 30th/31st of the month

Shipping Fees

  • Shipping fees will be charged for each order when it is at “Delivered” status 
  • The transaction name will be called “Shipping Fee (Item Level)”

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