Lazada New shipping fee rates (starting 31st October 2016)

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In line with the introduction of purchasing the new Lazada Flyers, it is with great excitement that we announce to you the reduced Shipping Fees! The new shipping charges will go into effect starting 31st October 2016 (Monday) for all Third-Party Logistics (3PLs).

In order for your Customers on Lazada to obtain accurate estimates on the shipping rates, it is important for the Sellers to display accurate package weight and dimensions (height x width x length) when listing items. Additional costs from the 3PLs due to the inaccuracy of the package weight and dimensions, would be borne by the Seller.

What is the new rate card?

*Note: According to the standard charges, Merchants will absorb RM5.00 for the 1st kg for all destinations.

Who is eligible for this New Rate Card?
It applies to all merchants who are not on own fleet.

When is the effective date?
The new rate card will take effect as of 31st October, 2016. These changes will be reflected on all orders through the Lazada website as of the above mentioned date.

Gentle reminder to start purchasing New Lazada Flyers
New Lazada Flyers are now available for PRE-ORDER and it will be delivered to you starting January 2017. Lazada’s final monthly replenishment of 3PL flyers will be up to the 31st December 2016. As such, please place your order for flyers through this link.

How the calculation works?

Merchant are to bear the first “kg” of every parcel, that would be RM 5.00, the subsequent weight will be bear by the customer. The fee that customer bear Lazada will credit back to the seller.
When Lazada charge seller on shipping fee, that would be the exact shipping fee from the courier.


A parcel that weight 2kg, KL to KL, seller bear the 1st kg- RM 5.00, the 2nd kg customer will bear RM1.60.
Thus when Lazada charge merchant, shipping fee will be (-)RM 6.60, and there will be a shipping fee credit (+)RM 1.60.

-RM6.60+RM1.60= RM5.00, in the end, seller will actually pay RM 5.00 only


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