Lazada Milk Formula Guarantee

Partiban Periannan (Head of PSC)

  1. What is the Lazada Milk Formula Guarantee?

"Lazada Guarantee" applies on selected products sold on Lazada. It protects buyers against expiring and/or damaged milk formula products, or products the origin of which can't be guaranteed, by offering 100% refund on top of 100% compensation voucher.


  1. Why did Lazada decide to work exclusively with brands?

Lazada decided to work with household milk formula brands and Tesco to ensure traceability of the products. Working with these partners who inbound their stocks to Lazada warehouse also enables Lazada to have full control of each of the products; from inbounding, storage, picking, packaging, and delivery.

The aim of this initiative is to accelerate customer acquisition and to grow the Mother and Baby category , which  we believe will in turn be beneficial to other categories within Lazada. We are confident that you will continue to utilize our platform to reach out to the millions of customers who trust us to serve their everyday shopping needs.


  1. What is the timeline until Milk Formula Guarantee and brand exclusive sale starts?

Effective 27 February 2018, the following milk formula products will only be sold by official brand stores:

Maternal Milk
Infant Milk Formula (0 - 6 months)
Follow-On Milk Formula (6 - 12 months)
Tailored Nutrition
Toddler Milk Formula (1 - under 3 years)
Growing-up Milk (3yrs +)

This means all non-brand milk formula SKUs will be deactivated accordingly. All affected sellers will receive a notice via email on 14 February 2018.

Moving forward, no Marketplace sellers will be allowed to create milk formula SKUs.


  1. Is there any exception for sellers with authorized dealership certificates?

No, there will be no exception for sellers with authorized dealership certificates. Only brand stores and Tesco will be allowed to sell milk formula products on Lazada.


  1. I have reserved a large amount of milk formula stocks for sale on Lazada. How should I manage these stocks?

As a customary practice, Lazada does not make any sale commitment to its sellers and therefore cannot be held responsible for any reserved stocks. If you have any further question regarding this topic, you may seek clarification from your vendor manager(s).


  1. What can I do to prepare for this change?

If you are one of the affected sellers, please expect your milk formula SKUs to be deactivated starting 27 February 2018 onwards.

If you are not one of the affected sellers, you can expect business as usual.

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