Lazada Counterfeit Guideline

Partiban Periannan (Head of PSC)

Sellers who are listing their products on Lazada's platform are subjected to our rules, and regulations. This includes Lazada's Zero Tolerance Policy towards Counterfeit items.

Please read the guideline below to ensure that the genuine/OEM product listings in your account have the appropriate content. And in the event you have non-genuine products, they must be taken down immediately. 

If your account are found to contain counterfeit items, the product listings may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including restrictions of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.


What is OEM/Counterfeit/Replica?

The following items are considered as replicas, and counterfeits, and cannot be sold on our platform:
1. Items that apply a trademark (e.g. a brand or character logo) on the product or the product packaging without authorization by the trademark owner.
2. Items that contain specific design elements (e.g. cartoon characters or colorways) protected by a trademark without the authorization by the trademark owner.
3. Items that bear such similarities with other products that they can deceive the buyers into thinking they are made or sold by the owner of the other product's brand.

Content stated on the website shouldn’t mislead the customer into thinking it is a branded product if it is not an authorized branded product.
If product is not an authorized branded product:
• No genuine or altered brand name can appear anywhere on the page
• No genuine brand image or logo even altered or blurred can appear anywhere on the page or product
• No genuine packaging (with brand or logo stated on it, genuine, blurred or altered) can appear anywhere on the page
• No specific design elements (e.g. cartoon characters or colorways) protected by a trademark can appear anywhere on the page
• No similarity with another branded product which can mislead and deceive the customer


Kindly refer to the examples below that we recognize as Counterfeit SKUs:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

 Example 4




What if you would like to sell Inspired Perfumes?

In the event you are selling fragrances that are "inspired by" another well known branded fragrance, you must follow the guideline as below:

  1. Not allow any third party images​
  2. Not allow third party brand names ​(e.g. Burberry) in ANY part of content ​


If you have not followed the guideline as above, it means your SKUs are violating intellectual property (IP).



What if your SKU is OEM brand but is for certain branded (eg. Samsung/Apple) mobile phone models?

If the item you are listing is OEM but is compatible with a certain brand/model of mobile phone, please follow the guideline below:


Product: Handphone Case

Mobile Phone Model: Samsung Note 3

Brand is OEM

The correct format for your product name should be: Mobile Phone Cases for Samsung Note 3

You may find more counterfeit/prohibited-related articles as below:

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For more enquiries, please feel free to reach out to our Partner Support Center. 

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