*New Seller Assortment Limit

Partiban Periannan (Head of PSC)


We successfully introduced new Seller Assortment Limit feature in Lazada! New sellers will be limited to 500 active products until they reach 30 items sold in a trailing period of 90 days.

How to generate more sales and remove this restriction:

The following behaviors will improve the find ability and conversion of your assortment. As a result, you will generate more sales and remove this limitation faster!

  1. Optimise your assortment
  • Deactivate low performing products and replace them with products that will perform better. You can view various performance indicators of your active assortment in Business Advisor. Learn more about Business Advisor HERE

     2. Use Variations

  • This limitation is on products with multiple variations (e.g. Colors and sizes) will be counted as 1 product against your 500-product limit. Learn how to create variations properly, HERE (Slide 11).


3. Fill optional attributes to improve findabilty. Learn more HERE (Slide 10).


4. Enrich your product description with images and valuable product information to increase conversion. Learn more HERE (Slide 9). Learn Image guidelines HERE







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