Service Booking Module (SBM)

Partiban Periannan (Head of PSC)

■SBM is a service booking platform, which allows merchants to schedule, track and verify  services for customers

■Merchant call customer and schedule service on SBM based on time, location and workshop

■SBM will send SMS notification to customer with service details

■When Service is completed, Merchant logins into SBM and updates status to “complete”,  SBM will trigger an SMS verification to customers for feedback and service rating

To register as sbm seller, please click this LINK 


Process Overview  - How it works?

Type of Users

  • Business Owner: is the owner of Lazada Seller Center account, and also the party responsible to ensure compliance to Lazada service level agreement
  • Service Provider: Service provider is contractually liable to Lazada
  • Service Point: is the workshop that renders the service to Lazada customers




Search Orders

Create Appointments

View Appointment Bookings

View Appointment Bookings – Month View

View Appointment Bookings – Week View

View Appointment Bookings – Day View

View Appointment Bookings

View Appointment Bookings – View appointment details

Rescheduling Appointments

Create Appointments

View Dashboards

Action After Service Complete

  • Once service is completed, service provider is required to compile all the invoices/POD from service point.
  • POD must contain the order information (invoice), customer full name, customer signature and identification number.
  • Lastly seller will need to upload the POD/ Invoice into SBM portal in order to move the status from shipped to delivered
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