Unpaid orders

Partiban Periannan (Head of PSC)

Unpaid definition

  • Only non cash-on-delivery (COD) orders that used payment methods such as over-the-counter (OTC) or e-Wallet, where sellers can defer the payments to a later time (within 72 hours) get listed in Unpaid tab.
  • Orders will be created as soon as buyer enters the payment page, and it will remain under unpaid status. These orders are also listed in this Unpaid tab.
  • COD orders will NOT be listed in the ‘Unpaid’ tab, but in the ‘Pending’ tab after order verification
  • Orders that are unpaid and unverified by OV tool will be listed in ‘Unpaid’ tab with ‘Unpaid’ status. If verification fails, it will be auto-cancelled and will be moved to ‘cancelled’ tab.




Benefits of the unpaid order feature

Before unpaid order feature

Orders placed with payment methods such as OTC (pay via nearby stores or ATM) or e-wallets (balance < order value) can be deferred and have large cancellation rate (>50%).

The system would auto-cancel these unpaid orders in 72 hours. Customers might not have completed the payment due to various reasons such as

  • Queries on the product
  • Shipping cost
  • Lead-time or promotions/price

After unpaid order feature

Sellers will be able to engage with buyers with unpaid orders via the Chat feature to resolve buyers’ queries or offer alternative solutions, improving the conversion rate in a scalable way.

View all unpaid orders in orders overview page(Desktop)


View all unpaid orders (Mobile App)


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